History 121

United States since Reconstruction • Fall 2018

Police confront beachgoers about their skimpy swimsuits, Chicago, 1922

Lecture Schedule and Due Dates

Below you'll find an outline of our semester.

We will be reading two books, a textbook, and several selections on iLearn. I've listed suggested reading goals for each week to help you pace yourself, so do plan accordingly. The exams and Source Reflections are listed in bold. Scheduled films will be viewed in class. You can find further information about the exams, reflections, and grading here.

If you prefer a PDF copy of the syllabus, you can access it here. But please note that the details are subject to change. You're advised to bookmark this page and check it frequently for updates.


Week 1 –– Making Modern America

Week 2 –– Nationalism and the West; REFLECTION 1

Week 3 –– Gilded Age

Week 4 –– Democracy and Its Limits; REFLECTION 2

  • Sep 17: Reconstruction, Southern Redemption, and Jim Crow
  • Sep 19: Strategies of Black Uplift

Week 5 –– Age of Reform

Week 6 –– War and Turmoil; REFLECTION 3

Week 7 –– Boom Times and Hard Times

Week 8 –– MIDTERM

  • Oct 15: Midterm Review
  • Oct 17: MIDTERM

Week 9 –– The "Good War"

Week 10 –– Facing the Post-War World; REFLECTION 4

Week 11 –– Fifties Frontier

Week 12 –– The Coming of the Sixties

Week 13 –– THANKSGIVING BREAK; NO CLASS Nov 19 - Nov 23

Week 14 –– Radical Sixties; REFLECTION 5

Week 15 –– The Rising Tide of Conservatism

Week 16 –– The End of the "American Century"; REFLECTION 6

Week 17 –– Conclusions

  • Dec 17: Final Exam Review

FINAL EXAM: WEDNESDAY, DEC 17, 10:30a - 12:45p, HSS 362

A couple cuddles on a ride at Coney Island amusement park, ca. 1940